Born as a mutant from an a-bomb test blast in the Bikini Islands, Pyno Man was harvested and sent to L.A. for canning. Luckily, he was rejected by quality control, and he took up residence in a dumpster on Venice Beach. Soon he collected an entourage of miscreants out of which was formed his band, "The Psycotic Pineapple". Pyno Man is the poster boy for blind ambition. Floundering in a series of bottom of the barrel jobs, he's forever on the make for his shot at stardom. When opportunity knocks, he doesn't just answer, he kicks down the door, grabs it by the throat and beats it to death. While he longs for success, he lives for excess. Always ready to follow his "inner vice", the only restraint he's known is a strait jacket. With an uncanny ability to tweak raw nerves, he copes with crazed fans, crooked managers, concert riots and paternity suits, forever teetering on the brink of stardom but blowing it - spectacularly- every time. Able to play guitar in any position, he's ambidextrous, elastic and spastic, breaking out in psychotic episodes with disturbing irregularity. Executing figure eights on the thin ice between fantasy and reality, he flaunts the laws of physics but obeys the law of Murphy. He's rough on the outside, sweet on the inside, and maniacal to the core. Naturally, he's the Psycotic Pineapple.